I am writing this Post after three weeks of my Piscine. I will give some recommendations how to prepare if you’re one of the preparing sort. I basically didn’t prepare at all and you really don’t need to. But I know that some people like to be prepared. I will…

Day 1…. No it’s Day 00

I know you have read some articles about the Piscine already but this Piscine is remote due to Covid. It’s some kind of special. We won’t be in Wolfsburg. I will sit 350km away.

The first day started pretty late as I like to get up early in the morning…

During the Piscine I met a lot of guys from all kinds of different backgrounds. After a few days I met Zurusch who lives in Wolfsburg near the school. Our backgrounds couldn’t be more different so I decided to have a chat about our experience and compare them.

Who are you?

Z Hey…

Day 25

The final exam

Today was the final exam. It started at 10 pm and last for 8 h. I got up early and took some pictures of my intranet profile. …

Day 24


This was the last official day where we could work on projects. A lot of peers tried to hand in stuff but there weren’t enough open slots to get evaluated.

I will write a complete summary about my thoughts and about my personal Pros and Cons after this Piscine…

Day 23

Only 3 days left..

As servers will shut down on Friday we began to exchange private contacts. I continued working on tasks and rated my Tribe. Guys in my Tribe were really nice. Two of us left on their own sake and that’s totally ok.

We had one camper in…

Day 22

The first time I took a longer break

I continued working on C07 and handed it in early in the morning. I was confident that I will pass it. Guess what happened? Fail… Searching for the bugs was pretty easy. I had one typo and I didn’t read another exercise…

Day 21

We learn the most by failing

We got evaluated for our Rush and of course we failed it. We got really really great feedback from our evaluator but a buggy code is just wrong. 0 points even if the code was built up well and all the input checks worked.

Day 20

End of week three

It’ the end of the third official week. You wanna hear an interim conclusion? Well this has been basically the most fun part of my life when it comes to education and career. I will write a big article after the Piscine has ended.

I got…

Day 19

Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush

It’s Saturday again and we started working on the rush. To be honest I didn’t have a clue how to solve it. We spoke about the topic in our little group of closer friends and figured a lot of things out. Clemens built some models…

Tobias Bernhammer

Hardware Engineer enjoying the freedom of being self-employed

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