Let’s talk! A report from a non-coder vs an intermediate coder about the Piscine

Who are you?

Z Hey my name is Zurusch. I am 31 years old and I live in Niedersachsen directly in Wolfsburg.

What did you do before the Piscine?

Z I am self employed and founded my own start up company a few years ago.

Why did you apply for the Piscine?

Z I was looking for a new challenge and I wanted to learn how to code. As 42 opened a school right next to me I directly applied for it when I heard that they were looking for students. I searched for information about the education model and I directly fell in love with it.

Have you ever programmed before?

Z No. I never programmed anything before. I only used my computer for my business and the general stuff like Office.

Where you nervous before the start?

Z Not at all. I was not really nervous but rather excited. I am an open minded and communicative person who likes to talk to others and make new friends.

How was the overall experience?

Z It was awesome for me! Even I never programmed before I was able to learn a lot basic concepts about programming and computer techniques. I am very happy to had the chance to participate in the Piscine. It was a challenging but useful time for me. This was only the beginning of a long journey for me. I got in contact with people from all over the world and I also did make some new friends.

What was your biggest challenge?

Z I started from zero and understood nothing at the beginning. After the first week I got used to it and was able to finish my first projects with success and that felt awesome. It was great that everybody helped each other without even asking for it. I tried my best to motivate others to not give up and keep on going by believing in their selves. Also after a few days I could help other peers by sharing my knowledge I got from others like Tobias (we had a 4h programming crash course at the first day :) ).

Did you prepare for the Piscine?

Z No because I heard that it is harder to unlearn something than learn something new. I just gave it a try without any preparation. I wanted to start from zero and learn it the 42 way.

Did you previous experience helped you during the Piscine?

Z My communicative and open mindset helped me a lot to get in contact with others and ask for help as well as help them. Because of my business background I am good in finding solutions and keep on going even in hard times. I never give up and try my best all the time.

Would you recommend the Piscine for someone like you?

Z Yes, yes and again YES! The experience is challenging but also satisfying and precious at the same time. I learnt a lot about coding and the tech world and I also felt that this fits for me. This is something I want to do and learn more about in my nearer future.The four weeks went by like nothing and in the end I was sad that it ended so fast.

What was your biggest learning?

Z My biggest learning was that even if I didn’t know anything about coding and the first project seemed so confusing to me after only a few days of learning I had a clear understanding what it was about. Just don’t give up and move on. It will make sense soon if you keep on going.

How do you feel now?

Z Exhausted but also happy at the same time. I miss my peers, the staff and the Wolfpackers as well as the whole environment like the vibe.

Any additional words?

Z You want to see something different, challenge yourself, get in contact with awesome people and make new friends? JOIN 42. You won’t regret.



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Tobias Bernhammer


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