Tobias Bernhammer

Feb 4, 2021

4 min read

My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 00

Day 1…. No it’s Day 00

I know you have read some articles about the Piscine already but this Piscine is remote due to Covid. It’s some kind of special. We won’t be in Wolfsburg. I will sit 350km away.


“Don’t panic”

We were given some instructions about the tools we use. I recommend getting familiar with Zoom and Discord. Basically there is a “getting started” guide on which you will granted access after the meeting. There is a different terminology compared to other on site Piscines

The base camp

Imagine this as a camp were we are all together no matter if you are Pisciner or staff. They tried to built such an atmosphere on Discord. You can hang out in rooms and chat/talk (like you would do at a campfire)

The tribes

This is your inner circle. You can pair with up to 6 people. Don’t worry, there are events where you can meet other campers.

The 42staff

Basically these are the staff members of 42 Wolfsburg which run the school

The WolfP.A.C.K

Cadets from other 42schools which can answer questions regarding the camp. They won’t help us solving coding task. PACK stands for Programming, Assisting, Connecting and Kindness. Wolf is related to the city Wolfsburg I guess

The campers

That’s us ;)

“Nothing is mandatory”

There are a lot of meetings during the week but you don’t have to participate at all. You decide what you wanna do. Discord has a built in bot where you can earn points by attending. I would highly recommend to participate as much meetings as possible. I always learned something new or met someone new. And an advice: Subscribe to meetings on the Intra as you will get 0 points when you don’t do. Also don’t subscribe when you don’t want to. Points are just for achievements (as far as I know). You can gather points by being online on Discord as well

Questions to me? Get in contact

You are a former or future Pisciner or you have questions in general? You just wanna chat? >>> Connect with me on LinkedIn and get in contact <<<

Tips for Day 00

  • don’t be late
  • be nice, friendly, helpful and and social. You will make friends immediately
  • don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions (no coding related stuff :D)
  • no rumors. They will be wrong anyway
  • subscribe for meetings you want to participate