My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 02

Tobias Bernhammer
2 min readFeb 4, 2021


Day 02

There was nothing to do during the morning except for WobBot announcement at 9:42 AM. I got up early at 7 AM. Will keep this for the Piscine.

I used the morning hours to get some private things done. Luckily there was a sale in the supermarket nearby for good and healthy food. I will need it for the next three weeks.

After lunch staff gave us a virtual tour through the building. There is a lot of construction ongoing but I saw a lot of iMacs, modern areas for reading and gaming and a cafe nearby. The whole building is just awesome. Everybody was overwhelmed and my motivation to get in was even higher than before. They also showed us the FabLab which was my highlight for the day.

“blue sus”

I joined an Among Us round between the official sessions and I was not the Impostor :( . You can play games and chat with others and I really recommend to open your eyes for mates who wanna talk. Make friends, it’s awesome!

Every afternoon there is a chance to talk to the staff in Zoom. I try to participate always as there might be some great information. I took the whole 4 weeks of so I have time for every meeting.

In the evening we had a speaker from Volkswagen about open source CAN sniffing. For most of the people this was by far beyond their knowledge. As I have an electrical engineering background it was awesome for me. I had the feeling I could talk to him for hours. Maybe I’ll try to get in contact with him to share some information.

After the last meeting a random guy invited everyone for a voice chat. He was such brilliant. We decided after just one minute to connect and we talked about Wolfsburg (as he lives there), LA and Pokemon cards :D

We decided to write a blog about the Piscine so for the next week we will share our experience. He has no coding xp at all. That will be interesting compared to me.

My profile picture in Discord is a rubber duck :D

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Tips for Day 02

  • try to talk to others
  • always turn your camera on even if this can’t replace a vis à vis talk (yet again)
  • Prepare yourself for the next weeks (not coding but food)
  • help others in the general section of Discord



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