My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 03

Day 03

Looking forward to this day as we will have a chat with Vint Cerf. Wait .. who? Shame on you and google him!

We finished our tribe profile on notion cause the deadline was at 2 PM. We also had to form our tribes until this morning. This didn’t affect our tribe as we had found ourselves on Monday. We are Organisation XIII (1101b) and our slogan is “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”. Sounds reasonable ;)

I used the morning to write this blog posts. I got a call from a recruiter who was looking for a C and Linux developer. Funny, hugh? Must be a sign.

In the afternoon we had a chat with Vint Cerf. Max worked with him at Google. He told some stories and recommended books for the 42 library. He also talked about software engineering. Such a genius. Can’t believe we had the chance to listen to him. He stayed for almost 90 minutes which is huge for such a famous “game changer”. A great experience.

The staff will keep that manner and invite famous people to speak to the Pisciners from time to time. This alone is worth applying to the Piscine. We were allowed to ask questions and there were dozens of it. Vint took the opportunity to answer some of them.

As far as I can see no one of the Pisciners left until now. All my contacts are still there. A lot of guys seem to go crazy due to coding. A lot of discussion was on Discord and the “ask the staff” session. They won’t answer coding related stuff before Monday. We should use this week to make friends and I tried to calm down a little bit. Haven’t looked into the coding platform today.

Campers getting creative. Someone opened a recipe page on notion. I looked into it and got hungry. Even if I’m not the best cook I need to try things out. Like at 42 -> Improvement and growth is the key.

The last meeting ended at around 5.30 pm so I had the chance to meet a friend in the evening.

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Tips for Day 03

  • keep calm and don’t panic :D
  • use the time and ask questions especially to special guests. You will regret if you miss that huge chance

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