My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 09

Day 09

Finally C coding

Didn’t sleep well tonight as my head was spinning around exercises. I finished Shell01 throughout the day and started C coding. The first tasks were pretty straight forward but difficulty increased from task to task.

Grabbed some delicious cake because it was my moms bday. I love you mom!

Our tribe is pretty quiet. I didn’t expect that. I found a lot of other guys during the evals which I teamed up with.

I want to talk about the two evaluations which rated me less than 100%. I was a bit pissed because moulinette gave me 100%. Maybe I didn’t answer all questions properly or they found anything strange. I will ask after evaluation if everything is OK for the evaluators from now on.

To get your rating you will be evaluated by 2 peers and moullinete. The computer will then count a result with some magic numbers I guess. But if Excercise 00 or 01 is wrong basically the whole task failed.

The most productive hours are at the morning when not many people are awake. I use them to push through my exercises. Throughout the day I talk a lot to others and help them and get help. I think I will keep this as long as I don’t fall too far behind.

I almost finished C00 today. The last exercise is somewhat tricky. I think I will just continue and see if I can work on that one during the rush (if there is some spare time). Most important is to succeed in the first few exercises.

Tips for Day 09

  • don’t mess around with how moulinette works
  • check that feedback is correct before sending

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