My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 10

Day 10

One day before the first exam..

I started C01 today pushing through it pretty fast. It’s about pointers and Arrays (which have some kind of relationship ;) ). I knew the basic concepts before so I had some spare time left.

I did a lot of evaluations to build kind of a buffer with points. I met a lot of people and made some friends again. I am really enjoying the whole experience. It’s getting better by every day.

I can’t imagine that we almost finished 50% of the Piscine. Regarding the exam tomorrow I am getting nervous. I don’t like exams. I never did. Neither in university.

I think some guys already left. Well you can’t say it with certainty but there are profiles on the intra which haven_t started any tasks yet. Ithink it won’t be possible for them to catch up.

We have a girl in our tribe who never programmed before neither opened a terminal. I help her a lot as we can speak in german. It’s amazing to see her improving by every single hour. I remember monday when she was like “what is a terminal?” and now she is changing directories and cloning repos like she never did anything else before. She will become a great SW developer.

A former Pisciner from Sao Paolo visited us and gave us some advice. He told that we shouldn't aiming for 100% for every task. It’s better to aim for like 80%. I will stick to this and skip stuff if I have the feeling that they would take me hours to solve it.

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Tips for Day 10

  • You can do it without programming xp
  • Perfection is not always the perfect way

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