My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 13

Day 13

The first week of coding is over

So basically the first week is over. I started C03 as I couldn’t find any bugs in C02 but Moulinette got me wrong there aswell. I handed it in 4 times spending at least 8 evaluation points.

I am a bit down today as I can’t fix my issues. I start to believe that there must be some kind of bug on the 42 servers. I talked to the staff but that wasn’t very helpful. I will continue to search for the reason. Another guy reached C02 and got the same errors like me. This starts to confuse me a little bit. Luckily I know some guys from Heilbronn and I discussed my code with them who passed. We basically did the same. Something strange is going on.

I talked a lot to staff and they were helpful. They will look at it and get back to me. Up to now no one passed C02 or C03 so we can’t unlock C04.

We spoke about our Rush project cause there were some crazy discussions about what they will test during evaluation. You will be graded by a member of Wolfpack. We decided to just protect against simple things like values below 1. We’ll see how that works as our eval is tomorrow.

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  • You will fail at a certain point. No matter what
  • Deal with it
  • Stand up and carry on




Hardware Engineer enjoying the freedom of being self-employed

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Tobias Bernhammer

Tobias Bernhammer

Hardware Engineer enjoying the freedom of being self-employed

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