My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 16

Day 16


After this day there are only 9 days left. Time went by so freaking fast. I found a lot of new friends. I was helping a lot and got helped by my peers. I did some evals during the day to gather some points back.

Staff hide Easter eggs almost everywhere. I found the third one already searching for the fourth on. A really cool gift beside coding. I managed to finish C05 and started C06. We got our exam grades and I passed with 67 %. Even though I did finish all tasks and the computer said everything was ok I got a call by staff where I had to defend my code.

I looked suspicious to cheating because I left the tab several times. I used a chrome extension as a notepad instead of pen and paper and I used Deezer to listen to music. I won’t do such a things again during the next exam. I also used a “function” called sizeof which wasn’t used in the C exercises before. I could explain myself as I used this function all the time (even during C00) and explained that it shouldn’t be forbidden as it is an operand not a function. This was convincing and it was ok.

Furthermore I was asked about my code cause the code itself worked but I forgot to assign an initial value for a variable. There was nothing I could do against it as it was totally wrong and only my fault. I accepted immediately my mistake and got the last two exercises marked as wrong. This led to a final mark of 67%. This is totally deserved and I will look for such simple mistakes the next time.

I heard of some people who got 0 points for the exam as they used forbidden stuff.

During the last weeks a group of 5–10 people was formed who always hang out together. I also found a close peer named Cam who I talk to a lot. Even if it is coding related or just chit chatting she is always in a good mood and keeps the flow going. Thanks for the time :)

She is almost 10 years younger than me but age doesn’t mean anything. A big lesson I already learned years before.

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  • Friendships will last longer than the Piscine

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