My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 17

Day 17

Election day

As always on Thursdays we have the chance to vote for at least 7 peers who deserve a helpers badge for the last week. I did get one last week and it would make me sad to net receive one this week. I think I tried my best so let’s hope for the best.

I think these badges mean a lot as they show the staff that you’re contributing a lot to the community and live the spirit of 42.

Another Tribe member left so we are only 4 left. He left without any notice. It’s ok as there are no strings attached. I tried to keep the flow going and not panic too much about the upcoming exam tomorrow. I finished C06 and passed. I think I am pretty good prepared for the exam.

Hendrik (a friend of mine I found during the Piscine) and I decided to host a study group discussion at 11am on Friday and share all information we know so far about the exam. To be honest it’s more or less an open conversation to calm down a little bit. It helps me a lot so I appreciate that we will host that one again. Hendrik is a very helpful and communicative guy. He deserves to get in!

I decided to not learn any stuff found on the Internet about the exam. This will only drive me crazy.

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