My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 23

Tobias Bernhammer
2 min readFeb 25, 2021


Day 23

Only 3 days left..

As servers will shut down on Friday we began to exchange private contacts. I continued working on tasks and rated my Tribe. Guys in my Tribe were really nice. Two of us left on their own sake and that’s totally ok.

We had one camper in our Tribe who never programmed before. She progressed very fast and I was impressed what is possible in just three weeks. You would have never learned that much in university in that amount of time.If you programmed before (like me) your advantage will be gone at some point. Of course you will be a bit faster than guys who never programmed before but the Piscine is made to challenge both types of people. And it really works! Time passed so incredibly fast that I never (not a single second) had the feeling that I was bored.

We got some more achievement for the last weeks and I did receive the Helper Badge for the last week. I tried my best to help peers whenever possible and it payed off. Tomorrow will be election again so I hope I will receive it for the third week as well. To be honest I think that this badge is pretty important as it shows that your’re trying to contribute something to the community.

Tomorrow will be a follow up of the personality test. I am really excited if or how I changed or progressed during Piscine.

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Tips for Day 23

  • Try to be better than yesterday
  • it’s OK to ask for help



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