My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 01

Day 01

I tried to keep my routine. I woke up at 7.10 AM and got a shower as always.

My tribe was online at 9 AM so I guess we’re in the same timezone and share the same routine. Everyone is helpful so far.

After lunch there was a session where campers could host a room about topics. You could chat there and get to know each other. There were topics from Pokemon about Living in Wolfsburg to technical stuff. I joined a room from Jan (42staff) about the FabLab. This will be brilliant. They will have a lot of stuff like 3D printers, soldering stuff, oscilloscopes,…. I can’t wait for it. I was paired with him a day before during this random session. Even if I don’t pass I will join the association of the FabLab and help to build it up.

During the day I found the second Easter egg (damn, I could have found it much earlier) so I have to remember myself to read EVERYTHING.

We had to make a personality test and I got the result that day. I was shocked how accurate it was. Showed it my girlfriend and she said “yep, that’s you”. In the evening session we had a guy from that company who offers them. He gave us pretty interesting insights about HR departments and personality. We did this test for free. I know that they will charge you for that in general so it was a gift from 42.

The staff showed us the coding environment after lunch and we had to type a basic command to check if everything is working fine. It looks like Visual Studio on a remote server. I never worked with it before but it looks pretty clear. Will try to get familiar with it during the next days.

“Oh holy norminette”

A lot of discussion came up during the day about coding stuff and the so called Norminette. Your code has to stick to a specific norm for 42. Tried to write a simple program and checked it. It gave me 15 errors. That was sobering. I think i have to unlearn some stuff as I never learned how to code properly…

Excitement slightly changed to worries that I’m not well prepared (in fact I did nothing) but talked to others without coding experience. Think I will give it just a go next week and try my best without preparation. If you want to prepare there are some groups which solve coding exercises together on discord. I wont participate. It would just make me nervous.

During the day a parcel arrived from 42. It was kind of a care package. How cool is that? It contained stickers, a hat, a pen, a bag and a webcam cover.

A care package from 42Wolfsburg

One more thing according Discord. There is a bot which you can send some commands. He will then answer so maybe it’s possible for him to check if we don’t break the rules. But who knows? No rumors ;)

Click here for the next day

Tips for Day 01

  • always read everything (hint: Easter eggs)
  • always turn your camera on even if this can’t replace a vis à vis talk
  • take a shower every morning. It helps
  • Don’t panic



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Tobias Bernhammer


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