My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 21

Tobias Bernhammer
2 min readFeb 22, 2021

Day 21

We learn the most by failing

We got evaluated for our Rush and of course we failed it. We got really really great feedback from our evaluator but a buggy code is just wrong. 0 points even if the code was built up well and all the input checks worked.

It was a lot of fun working with the guys on this project so it’s ok for me that we failed. We know how we can improve and basically that’s a big lesson we learned. Even though we failed I am in a good mood just a bit sad that only a few days are left.

I continued working on some other projects and I am stuck now on Makefiles. I worked with this files before but never did enough to understand them and how they’re built.

We had a community meeting like every Monday and got some information according the upcoming week. Basically the Piscine ends with the exam and we will get results within two weeks after. There will be a virtual party afterwards but basically we will loose our access rights to the servers and discord when the final exam starts. There will be a discord channel for further communication. I will push all my projects to a private repo on Thursday I guess. Up to now I gathered enough eval points to finish some more projects. I tried to have at least two evaluations per day to have some spare eval points. Sometimes you fail an exercise because of some stupid mistakes like a typo. There is a guy who had over 30 eval points as there was a rumor you will get an achievement by having 42 eval points. Would be cool if he achieves that.

I joined a scribble round during the evening and didn’t do great. But it was fun tho! I improved in speaking English a lot during the last three weeks but often miss some specific words.

Sad that it will end soon and some time of uncertainty will begin. If we don’t get in we can apply after one year. I met a guy who did the Piscine in Paris. At that time he wasn’t accepted but I’m pretty sure he will get in. He’s a smart guy.

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Tips for Day 21

  • Have some eval points in your pocket



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