My experience with 42Wolfsburg during the remote Piscine — Day 22

Day 22

The first time I took a longer break

I continued working on C07 and handed it in early in the morning. I was confident that I will pass it. Guess what happened? Fail… Searching for the bugs was pretty easy. I had one typo and I didn’t read another exercise properly. I caught myself in getting sloppy so I decided to take some time off and go for a ride with my bike.

This was basically my first tour this year and I really missed it during the winter. It was almost 20°C outside. I went for a 35 km long ride through the forest with my mountain bike. I really need to do this quite more often.

We had a community meeting for a recap of what we learned so far. Basically everyone was highlighting the different approach of education. I took the chance to say some words to the guys.

We got the exam results for the second exam and I passed with 50%. Compared to the whole group this was over average but I did expect a little bit more to be honest. Unfortunately we can’t see what went wrong or what we should have done to pass it. I really need to do better during the final exam. I am getting nervous already.

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Tips for Day 22

  • Take longer breaks and go outside



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Tobias Bernhammer

Tobias Bernhammer


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